We're pivoting our focus to the industry's undeniable efforts to normalize smoking. We know that they study us and then use outrageous marketing tactics to make their deadly products more appealing and accessible.


We're on to them. Now it’s time to expose the culprits and hold them accountable by hosting events and sharing our message with the community!


Join teens from Indiana and nationwide as we reject these CULTURE VULTURES!

#VoiceClapBack is your opportunity to have your voice heard. When you see a movie or  online content that portrays smoking in any way other than deadly, Clapback and call out the studios, actors, directors - anyone involved in its production.


Feel free to use our sample tweets, key messages or fact sheets for help in getting your message out there!


Directly contact the MPAA, actor, producer, studio, musicians - anyone connected to the content portraying tobacco use. Use social media, email, or write a letter.

Make them aware of the reality of tobacco in our state and how their actions affect this issue. Tell them your story about why this is important to you - your loss of a loved one, your passion to celebrate tobacco-free lifestyles. Make it real to them so they know actual lives are at stake.

Ask them to use their influence for good. Share how they can do their part to end smoking completely by eliminating tobacco use from their projects or at the very least, portraying it accurately. Ask them to help you speak out against the industry and share their stories.

Our Ask:

We invite you to call out the MPAA and demand that they give any film with tobacco use portrayed an R-rating.


There is a national movement happening right now for this very cause being led by University of California San Francisco, Truth Initiative, and other major influencers. You can lend your voice to help this become a reality.



Use social media to engage with those who have the power to decide how this issue is handled. Use the #FactsOnly and #KeyMessages sheets. Include your personal story about tobacco in your message.


Here are the Twitter handles for the MPAA and the top movie studios to help get you started:


@MPAA - Motion Picture Associate of America

@DisneyStudios - Walt Disney Studios

@ParamountPics - Paramount Pictures

@SonyPictures - Sony Pictures

@20thcenturyfox - 20th Century Fox

@UniversalPics - Universal Pictures

@wbpictures - Warner Brothers Pictures




5.6 million youth alive today are projected to die from tobacco related diseases if current trends continue.


Almost half (46%) of top-grossing movies in the United States were rated PG-13. Six of every ten PG-13 movies (58%) showed smoking or other tobacco use.


All six major movie companies belonging to MPAA have published individual policies addressing tobacco depictions in their movies.


Annual tobacco industry spending on marketing its products nationwide: $8.9 billion (over $24 million each day)


Estimated portion of advertising dollars spent for Indiana marketing each year: $277.2 million


Of all the movies that contained tobacco use in the last 10 years, 38% were rated PG-13 or lower - that translates to over 80 billion impressions of tobacco use portrayed in film.

R-rating movies with smoking would lead to an 18% reduction in youth smoking.


We have the power to affect change. It just takes the MPAA to decide that it supports preventing 3 million kids from lighting up.


R-rating movies with smoking would avert one million smoking deaths among today's teens.


This isn't a movie. One million lives can be saved if the MPAA decides to act and give R-ratings to movies with smoking.


Movies with smoking will cause 2 million smoking related deaths among today's teens.


If trends continue, smoking in films will cause 6.4 million of today's teens to become smokers.


If designated films have an R-rating, that would keep 3.1 million kids from lighting up.


Change can start in 3... 2... 1...



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Indiana Teen Institute

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